Wow all thanks to the most HIGH GOD who have giving us this faithful day ..HALLELUJAH

Today story will shock you.. for it all about the religious Christian, the people you think they are holy ..those whom million of people are looking unto ..they tell you that they are the most holy people on earth.

They say they have power to forgive sin, this people are really the enemy of the kingdom of GOD

Well before I go on telling you things this video and write me soon you see it …am waiting


Today i will like to talk about so called religious  Muslim who believe they know GOD by turning  the blood of their fellow bother to a drinking water …in eastern part of the world many innocent soul have been killed..people giving their life has a jihad for the prophet in whom they believe ..

This happening is in the east part of the world,where the so called Muslim is celebrating one of the son of their prophet, and they believe that on that day  blood have to be shear show a sign of respect for him …but according to the Quran their prophet warn them against shearing of blood ,and make them know it is sin against God …

so if their prophet is really against the shearing of blood ..then who are this people ..are they really in love with GOD or a savant of the devil ?

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Shortly the kingdom of GOD shall take over come the world, and the religious people in it shall come to the knowledge of GOD

Christianity,and Islam is the most respected religion in the world ,but they are the most major problem of the world today,lot of killing as been carried out base on this religious believe, and this same people believe they know GOD

In the bible and Quran killing is a sin against GOD ..the Muslim says they are fighting jihad and they are killing thousands of people ,why the head of the Christian society is passing more demons into the world ..this is why JESUS have problem with this people ..and for this reason they set him up and kill him (matt 26:3-4) not knowing it will bring salvation to the world

This people are demon working for the devil and saying they know GOD

I will like to stop here for you to ask question I am waiting but before then …GOD bless you in Jesus name